Web Summit Roundup

We recently came back from the whirlwind that is the Web Summit in Dublin. If someone had proposed to me on paper everything that the organisers would try to achieve in three short days, I would have thought them mad. It not only works, but serves up the next five years of the tech industry, on the most inspirational plate you’ve ever seen.

This year 22,000 people from 109 countries attended, 614 industry experts spoke, 2,160 start-ups exhibited and 1,324 journalists were on the ground covering the event. And coordinating all of this were 1,500 (often smiling) volunteers, over 100 staff and numerous contractors.

We were lucky enough to meet a number of these start ups, many of whom are in very early stages. Here are a few that caught my fancy:

Wholi / PeopleGraph

Wholi was our most-used tool at the Web Summit. It allowed you to search through all the attendees and exhibitors at the event, based on organisation and focus.

The company behind Wholi is PeopleGraph, a ‘people index’. According to PeopleGraph, there are 3 billion daily web searches for people, but there’s no one effective way to do so. PeopleGraph enables users to people search better. To date, PeopleGraph has indexed over 2 billion people.


The Dwelling Society

The Dwelling Society is a timeline for a commercial or residential property. So any building across the world could be on there, with historical information added, but also a timeline that the present owner can update, showing changes and updates to the building. It’s a wonderful way of keeping a record of everyday buildings.


Ice Breakrr

Ice Breakrr is a geosocial networking app for professionals wanting to connect with other professionals. It integrates with your social networking sites to match you with like-minded people nearby, which could work well at business and networking events.



More established than the companies above, Airtame has already attracted both investors and customers with its wireless HDMI dongle that allows users to stream desktop and mobile content to a monitor. Either way, we want one!



We have to confess a vested interested here, as we’re proud to have DASH as our client. DASH is a highly visual iPad app, powerful enough for the demands of enterprises, that enables teams of all sizes to have better visibility and control over projects. DASH bridges a gap in the market between task lists and planning tools


Soon, I’ll be back with some of our top tips for startups attending and exhibiting at events like this.