Unearthing knowledge

We like to consider ourselves creative and switched on at The Bright Hub. Our ability to bring an idea to life and map that against what our clients’ media and industry are talking about is a critical part of any campaign. But the real jewel in the crown of any programme is being able to extract the knowledge and experience that our clients have and turn this into great visual and written content.

Often our clients’ understanding of their markets is the reason their customers buy into them. However, it’s also important that they demonstrate this knowledge beyond existing customers and to less familiar prospects. This is where thought leadership campaigns really support the sales function.

The start of this process is often the most important and one we like to call ‘IP mining’. How do you unearth all the thought-provoking and significant knowledge from a person, when they might not even recognise its importance? All of our clients work and think differently, so a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. For some, it might be grabbing them a sandwich and having a discussion at their desk for an hour, while for others they like to be interviewed, Paxman-style, on a conference call. Whichever way it happens, we want our clients to enjoy the process and see value in the results that we deliver.

What’s important in all of this is our understanding of our clients. We get a good insight into the way they think and their passions quite early on, having written their biographies and worked alongside them as an extension of their team. This is a great foundation before the process begins.

We’ve recently spent some time interviewing David Mennie, Senior Director of Product Marketing, at Acquia. He really invested the time taking us through the concept of contextualisation, a further enrichment of personalisation that not just looks at not just what content customers engage with or what they purchase, but when and why they did so. Acquia really led the way in 2014 talking about personalisation and The Bright Hub wanted to expand on this success by moving the debate into contextualisation. David’s generosity and investment of time has resulted in extensive leadership coverage in the marketing media.

We can develop the creative ideas, craft the content and communicate this to your influencers, but the result is always much richer if we’ve had the time and access to the experience and knowledge in the organisation.