​Connecting Through Content – Inspiration From Burberry

Recently, The Bright Hub arranged for 18 retailers from Singapore to have a private tour of Burberry’s magnificent Regent Street store. The retailers were on a best practice study tour, looking at examples of the latest technology that UK retailers are putting in place to enhance the customer experience.

The 158-year-old brand, with its distinctly British attitude is hailed within the retail industry as a leading light for its use of digital media and content to create an exhilarating customer experience.

Using inspiration from Burberry, here are our top tips to create content that inspires and connects. We like to call it HEAT MAP.

  • 1) Hook

Every piece of content needs a hook or a meaning behind what you are doing or saying. Burberry has used its famous trench coat that is so synonymous with the brand as the inspiration for its new perfume, My Burberry.

  • 2) Examples

Use examples to widen the audiences knowledge of what you are writing about. Examples help inspire, educate and encourage buy in. Burberry uses RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology on the tags of the clothes and accessories. This means that when placed near digital devices the screen brings up images and videos of that item on the catwalk or in an inspirational environment.

  • 3) Audience

Make sure you tailor the content to your specific target audience. The Burberry Regent Street store aims to make its customers feel relaxed. One member from the tour group remarked on how “at home, welcome and inspired” he felt in the store. The ambience and the architectural features provide a dramatic backdrop to the products on sale.

  • 4) Thread

Weave a continuous thread throughout the content. Think about the backdrop of what is going on in your industry and how that directly affects the issue you are focusing on. Use that reference as a thread throughout. Burberry is intent on doing everything it can to create a seamless experience for the customer. They link all aspects of the brand together very well.

  • 5) Message

Always have your company’s brand and key messaging in mind when you produce a piece of content. How will the audience know it is from you or your company? Think about the tone of voice and core messages as constants within the topic you are focusing on. Burberry’s heritage is firmly at its core, subtly delivered throughout the store and online environments complementing this season’s new collection.

  • 6) Augment

How can you augment the content with other elements? If it’s an article, what image would enhance it? If it is a video what can you link it to or use as a backdrop image or surrounding text? Burberry works hard to enhance everything by filling your senses with smell, touch, sight and sound wherever it can.

  • 7) Point to something else

Never think of a piece of content as standalone. What can you point the audience to next? What action do you want them to take? Burberry does this online very well by pointing out other accessories and items that go with a product, as well as in-store by using digital images together with store layout to bring items together.

Following these tips will help ensure that the content you produce is as original and engaging as possible. It will also help play the role of drawing the audience to your brand by keeping the dialogue open.